Genco Mine Service began in 1978 as a supplier of new and reconditioned electrical and electronic systems to the local coal mines around Huntington, Utah. 

In 1986 Genco marketed the Isuzu Diesel Pup as an underground personnel carrier. Beginning in 1996, Genco partnered with a Chinese truck manufacturer to provide the mining industry with practical, functional and low cost personnel carriers. Gencoprides itself in ingenuity and dedication to its customers.

In recent years we have expanded our shop with the equipment and technology to produce our personnel carriers from the ground up.

The GENCO is the ultimate in underground mine transportation. It is quickly becoming the standard in underground transportation because it is practical and functional.

Genco Mine Service is also a supplier and manufacturer of mine monitoring and communications systems, mining machinery and replacement parts, and represents many companies including:

  • WESTRIVER Conveyors & Machinery, Co.
  • WatchDog: Programmable Voice Enunciator
  • Pyott-Boone Electronics: Pager Phones, Dust Suppression, Mine Monitoring Systems
  • BWI Eagle: Belt Speed Switches and Sensors
  • Davis: Anemometers
  • ElectroSpec: Belt Speed Switches and Sensors
  • DCL International Inc.: MINE Catalytic Exhaust Purifiers
  • Currie: Custom Front and Rear Differentials
  • Isuzu: Diesel Engines and Parts
  • Deutz: Diesel Engines and Parts
  • Cummins: Diesel Engines and Parts
  • Irwin Mine and Tunneling
  • ICL America: Conveyer belting
  • VMAC: Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors